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  • 9 september 2009. Opened online whois lookup tool.

  • 14 september 2009. At DNS lookup page you can get the most complete dns information for your domain. We provide SOA information, name servers information, ip addresses, mx records and reverse dns lookup results. If you name servers allow zone transfers to other hosts we will try to find all subdomains for given domain. At this page you can get information only about second level domains

  • 25 september 2009. You can find information about your computer and IP address at ip to location lookup page. We can provide some information about you browser, operating system, screen resolution, ip address, country, city, latitude and longitude.

  • 2 october 2009. Blacklist lookup tool. You can use our interactive online tool to look at public DNS-based blackhole lists (Commonly called Realtime blacklist, DNSBL or RBL) to see if an ip address is blacklisted as a public spam source. If your mail server has been blacklisted, some sent emails can be blocked by other mail server. If you dont know ip address of youor mail server, use first our search DNS record tool.

  • 14 october 2009. We added a beta version of online subdomains lookup and ip reverse lookup tools.

  • 1 november 2009. New tool traceroute. You can trace route to your host from multiple locations.

  • 6 december 2009. M-Walker. A tool to monitor your website for code changes and inform you if your site is infected with malware.

  • 12 april 2010. Added posibility to search for TXT records.

  • 15 april 2010. Added support of 56 blacklists.

  • 13 Juni 2010. Realtime blacklist check have been developed.

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